Nitish Kumar Affirms Support for PM Modi Amid Speculations of Political Reunion

"Image: Nitish Kumar reaffirms support for Narendra Modi at NDA gathering amidst political speculation."


In a decisive move, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reiterated his support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a gathering of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance’s newly-elected MPs on Friday. The endorsement marked a significant shift for Kumar, who earlier this year abandoned the INDIA opposition bloc he helped establish to align with the BJP.

Kumar’s declaration, “I will be with PM at all times,” served as a pointed response to critics who anticipated yet another political flip-flop from him. Addressing his former allies, he remarked that the INDIA group “has not done any work for the country,” subtly distancing himself from his prior association.

The speculation surrounding Kumar’s allegiance stemmed from the pivotal role he and Chandrababu Naidu, with 12 and 16 MPs respectively, could play in shaping the next government. With the BJP falling short of a majority, Kumar emerged as one of the key decision-makers, prompting rumors of a potential reunion with the INDIA bloc.

Despite conjectures about a sensational reunion, sources close to Kumar dismissed such possibilities, emphasizing his commitment to the NDA. However, they hinted at unresolved issues from Kumar’s exit from the INDIA bloc, citing delays in fulfilling promises made during earlier discussions.

The backstory reveals tensions within the INDIA group, with Kumar and his associates expressing discontent over procedural matters. A proposed agreement was deferred following Rahul Gandhi’s intervention, causing a rift that ultimately led to Kumar’s departure.

Throughout these developments, Kumar maintained a strategic silence, refusing to engage in public discourse on the matter. Even as he and former ally Tejashwi Yadav shared a flight to attend meetings reviewing election results, Kumar refrained from commenting on his political stance.


Meanwhile, negotiations between the JDU and BJP have intensified, with the former outlining its expectations in exchange for support. Key demands include ministerial positions and a common minimum program, with the coveted Railways Minister post among the positions sought by the JDU.

Modi’s Attack On Congress

In parallel, Prime Minister Modi seized the moment to launch a scathing attack on the opposition, particularly targeting the Congress for its electoral failures. Modi’s remarks underscored the BJP’s dominance in recent elections and positioned the party as the harbinger of political stability and progress.

As the political landscape evolves, Kumar’s unwavering support for Modi consolidates the BJP-led NDA’s position, while negotiations behind the scenes shape the contours of the new government. Amidst the intricate maneuvers of power politics, Kumar’s allegiance remains a focal point, reflecting the complexities of coalition dynamics in Indian politics.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reaffirmed his support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi amidst speculation of a political reunion with the INDIA opposition bloc. Kumar’s endorsement came during a meeting of NDA MPs, where he criticized his former allies and emphasized his commitment to the BJP-led coalition. Meanwhile, negotiations between the JDU and BJP intensified, with Kumar outlining his expectations for support. Prime Minister Modi used the opportunity to launch a scathing attack on the opposition, positioning the BJP as the standard-bearer of political stability. Kumar’s allegiance consolidates the NDA’s position, while unresolved issues from his exit from the INDIA bloc hint at underlying tensions within the coalition.


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