Top 10 Agritech Companies in India

"Top 10 Agritech Companies in India: Transforming Agriculture with Innovative Solutions"

Transforming Agriculture: India’s Top 10 Agritech Innovators

Top 10 agritech companies in India are leveraging precision farming, AI, IoT, and advanced supply chain management to boost productivity and sustainability in agriculture. These innovators are reshaping the sector, enhancing market access, and improving livelihoods for farmers across the country.

1. Ninjacart

Ninjacart -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameNinjacart
OverviewFounded in 2015, Ninjacart is one of India’s largest B2B fresh produce supply chain companies. It connects farmers directly with retailers, ensuring fair prices and reducing wastage.
Innovations– Advanced logistics and supply chain management. – Data-driven forecasting to optimize supply and demand. – Use of IoT and analytics to improve transparency and efficiency.
ImpactNinjacart has significantly reduced the time taken for fresh produce to reach markets, thereby reducing spoilage and increasing farmer incomes.

Founded in 2015, Ninjacart stands as one of India’s leading B2B fresh produce supply chain enterprises. It facilitates direct connections between farmers and retailers, fostering fair pricing and curbing wastage.

Innovative Features:

Cutting-edge logistics and supply chain management systems.
Utilization of data-driven forecasting techniques for supply and demand optimization.
Integration of IoT and analytics to enhance transparency and operational efficiency.
Impact: Ninjacart has notably slashed the transit time for fresh produce to reach markets, consequently mitigating spoilage and elevating farmer revenues.

2. DeHaat

DeHaat-Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameDeHaat
OverviewDeHaat, established in [YEAR], is an innovative agritech platform in India that aims to empower farmers by providing them with access to high-quality agricultural inputs, financial services, and market linkages. It operates on a unique model that combines technology with a network of local agri-entrepreneurs called “DeHaat Saathis,” who assist farmers in their local communities.
Innovations– Seamless integration of technology to offer personalized crop advisory services to farmers. – Use of AI and machine learning algorithms to provide precise recommendations for crop planning, pest management, and soil health improvement. – Implementation of a robust supply chain infrastructure for the efficient delivery of agricultural inputs and equipment to rural areas.
ImpactDeHaat has facilitated increased farm productivity and income for farmers by providing them with timely access to agricultural inputs, knowledge, and markets. It has also played a crucial role in rural economic development by creating employment opportunities for local agri-entrepreneurs and improving access to finance for smallholder farmers.

 DeHaat, established in 2012, offers end-to-end agricultural services to farmers, including distribution of high-quality agri inputs, customized farm advisory, financial services, and market linkages.


  • AI and machine learning-based advisory services.
  • A digital platform connecting farmers with a network of micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Efficient supply chain management systems.

Impact: DeHaat has empowered over 700,000 farmers by providing them with better access to inputs, technology, and markets.

3. AgroStar

AgroStar -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameAgroStar
OverviewAgroStar, established in [YEAR], is a pioneering agritech company in India. It provides farmers with access to agricultural products, information, and services through its mobile app and call center.
Innovations– Development of a user-friendly mobile app for purchasing agricultural inputs and accessing expert advice. – Implementation of data analytics and AI algorithms for personalized crop management recommendations. – Operation of a dedicated call center with agricultural experts for on-demand support.
ImpactAgroStar has significantly improved productivity, profitability, and sustainability for farmers in India by providing them with easy access to agricultural inputs and expert advice.

 AgroStar, founded in 2013, is an e-commerce platform for farmers, providing them with agri inputs and advisory services through a mobile app and call center.


  • Use of big data and analytics to provide personalized crop advisory.
  • A robust supply chain ensuring timely delivery of quality inputs.
  • Integration with government schemes and services.

Impact: AgroStar has improved the lives of over a million farmers by enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve higher yields.

4. Crofarm

crofarm -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameCrofarm
OverviewCrofarm, founded in [YEAR], is an innovative agritech company based in India. It operates as a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace connecting farmers directly with retailers, ensuring fair prices and reducing wastage.
Innovations– Advanced logistics and supply chain management to streamline the process of connecting farmers with retailers. – Utilization of technology for efficient procurement and distribution of fresh produce.
ImpactCrofarm has significantly reduced wastage and increased profitability for both farmers and retailers by facilitating direct transactions and ensuring the timely delivery of fresh produce.

Launched in 2016, Crofarm is a B2B agri-tech platform that connects farmers with businesses such as retailers, restaurants, and small businesses.


  • Farm-to-business supply chain model.
  • Technology-driven inventory management and demand forecasting.
  • Partnerships with logistics providers for efficient delivery.

Impact: Crofarm helps farmers get better prices for their produce while ensuring businesses get fresh and high-quality products.

5. Aibono

Aibono -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameAibono
OverviewAibono, established in [YEAR], is an innovative agritech company in India specializing in precision farming. It leverages technology to optimize agricultural practices and enhance crop yields.
Innovations– Implementation of precision farming techniques using AI and data analytics. – Utilization of sensors and IoT devices for real-time monitoring of crop health and environmental conditions.
ImpactAibono’s precision farming methods have led to improved crop yields, reduced resource usage, and enhanced sustainability. It has empowered farmers with data-driven insights for better decision-making.

Founded in 2014, Aibono focuses on precision farming and uses AI and IoT to increase farm productivity and predictability.


  • Real-time farm monitoring systems.
  • Data analytics for precision agriculture.
  • Yield prediction and market linkage solutions.

Impact: Aibono’s technology helps farmers optimize their resources, reduce input costs, and increase yields.

6. Stellapps

Stellapps-Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameStellapps
OverviewStellapps, founded in [YEAR], is a leading agritech company in India specializing in dairy technology solutions. It offers end-to-end dairy management solutions to enhance productivity and efficiency in the dairy value chain.
Innovations– Development of IoT devices and sensors for real-time monitoring of milk production, quality, and animal health. – Implementation of cloud-based software platforms for data analytics and management of dairy operations.
ImpactStellapps’ dairy technology solutions have significantly improved milk quality, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs for dairy farmers and stakeholders in the dairy industry.

Stellapps, established in 2011, is a dairy technology solutions company that aims to enhance dairy supply chain management through technology.


  • IoT-based smart systems for milk production and quality monitoring.
  • End-to-end dairy supply chain digitization.
  • Financial inclusion services for dairy farmers.

Impact: Stellapps has improved milk yield and quality, benefiting dairy farmers with higher incomes and better market access.

7. Bijak

Bijak -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameBijak
OverviewBijak, established in [YEAR], is an agritech startup in India that operates as a B2B platform for agricultural commodities. It facilitates transparent trading and financing for farmers and traders.
Innovations– Development of a digital platform for transparent and efficient trading of agricultural commodities. – Integration of financing solutions to provide working capital to farmers and traders.
ImpactBijak has facilitated fairer pricing and improved access to finance for farmers and traders, thereby enhancing market efficiency and livelihoods in the agricultural sector.

Bijak, founded in 2019, is a B2B trade platform that helps agricultural commodity traders with better pricing, transparency, and trust through a rating system.


  • Digital marketplace with credit and risk assessment tools.
  • Real-time pricing and transaction data.
  • Secure and efficient payment systems.

Impact: Bijak has facilitated smoother and more reliable transactions between traders and buyers, improving market efficiency.

8. AgNext

AgNext -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameAgNext
OverviewAgNext, founded in [YEAR], is an agritech company based in India that specializes in providing data-driven solutions for agriculture. It focuses on quality assessment and predictive analytics for agricultural products.
Innovations– Development of AI-powered solutions for quality assessment of agricultural products. – Utilization of spectral analysis techniques and IoT devices for real-time quality monitoring.
ImpactAgNext’s technologies have significantly improved quality assessment processes, reduced losses, and increased marketability for agricultural products, thereby benefitting farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural value chain.

 Established in 2016, AgNext leverages advanced technologies like AI, ML, and blockchain to enhance quality assessment and monitoring in the agricultural supply chain.


  • AI-based quality analysis for food and agri commodities.
  • Blockchain for traceability and transparency.
  • Advanced imaging and sensor technologies.

Impact: AgNext’s solutions ensure better quality control and compliance, leading to higher trust and better prices for farmers.

9. Fasal

Fasal -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameFasal
OverviewFasal, founded in [YEAR], is an agritech startup in India that offers AI-powered solutions for crop monitoring and management. It provides real-time insights and advisory services to farmers for optimized decision-making.
Innovations– Development of AI algorithms for crop health monitoring, pest detection, and yield prediction. – Integration of IoT sensors and weather data for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions.
ImpactFasal’s technology has enabled farmers to make informed decisions, improve crop yields, and reduce risks associated with pests and adverse weather conditions, leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.

Fasal, founded in 2018, provides precision agriculture solutions using AI and IoT to offer real-time farm data and advisory services.


  • IoT sensors for microclimate monitoring.
  • AI-based predictive analytics for crop management.
  • Mobile app for personalized farm advisory.

Impact: Fasal helps farmers optimize irrigation, pest control, and nutrient management, leading to higher productivity and sustainability.

10. WayCool

Waycool -Top 10 Agritech Companies in India
Company NameWayCool Foods
OverviewWayCool Foods, established in [YEAR], is an agritech company in India focused on optimizing the food supply chain. It operates across the farm-to-fork value chain, offering solutions for procurement, distribution, and retail.
Innovations– Development of technology-driven solutions for procurement, inventory management, and logistics optimization. – Utilization of data analytics and IoT devices for real-time monitoring and decision-making.
ImpactWayCool Foods has improved the efficiency of the food supply chain, reduced food wastage, and ensured fresher produce for consumers. It has also enhanced the livelihoods of farmers by providing better market access and fairer prices.

Launched in 2015, WayCool focuses on food distribution and supply chain optimization, from farm to fork.


  • Integration of AI and ML for supply chain efficiency.
  • Sustainable and scalable distribution models.
  • Focus on reducing food waste and improving supply chain transparency.

Impact: WayCool has streamlined the food distribution process, benefiting farmers with better market access and consumers with fresher produce.

These top 10 agritech companies in India are transforming the agricultural landscape through innovative solutions and technology. By addressing critical challenges in the supply chain, productivity, and market access, they are not only improving the livelihoods of farmers but also contributing to a more efficient and sustainable agricultural sector. As these companies continue to grow and evolve, they are set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of agriculture in India.

FAQ on Top 10 Agritech Companies in India

Q1: What is Agritech?
A1: Agritech, short for agricultural technology, refers to the use of technology to enhance the efficiency and productivity of agricultural practices. This includes innovations in farming techniques, supply chain management, and the use of data analytics, IoT, AI, and other advanced technologies.

Q2: Why is Agritech important for India?
A2: Agritech is crucial for India because it helps address several challenges faced by the agricultural sector, such as low productivity, supply chain inefficiencies, and market access issues. By leveraging technology, agritech companies can enhance crop yields, reduce wastage, improve income for farmers, and ensure sustainable agricultural practices.

Q3: How do Agritech companies benefit farmers?
A3: Agritech companies benefit farmers by providing:

  • Better access to high-quality inputs and advisory services.
  • Direct market linkages that offer fair prices.
  • Advanced technologies for precision farming and real-time data.
  • Efficient supply chain and logistics solutions.
  • Financial services and risk management tools.

Q4: What is precision farming, and which companies focus on it?
A4: Precision farming is an agricultural management concept that uses information technology to ensure crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimal health and productivity. Companies like Aibono and Fasal focus on precision farming by using AI, IoT, and data analytics to provide real-time insights and advisory services to farmers.

Q5: How does Ninjacart help reduce food wastage?
A5: Ninjacart reduces food wastage by creating an efficient supply chain that connects farmers directly with retailers. This reduces the time taken for produce to reach the market, minimizes handling, and ensures fresher products, thereby reducing spoilage and wastage.

Q6: What innovative technologies does DeHaat use?
A6: DeHaat uses AI and machine learning for providing customized farm advisory services. It also has a digital platform that connects farmers with a network of micro-entrepreneurs, ensuring efficient distribution of inputs and market linkages.

Q7: Can you explain how AgroStar uses big data for farming?
A7: AgroStar uses big data to analyze various factors affecting crop health and productivity. By collecting and analyzing data on weather, soil conditions, pest activity, and crop performance, AgroStar provides personalized recommendations to farmers, helping them make informed decisions.

Q8: What role does blockchain play in AgNext’s solutions?
A8: AgNext uses blockchain technology to enhance traceability and transparency in the agricultural supply chain. Blockchain ensures that all transactions and quality assessments are recorded securely and transparently, building trust among stakeholders and ensuring the authenticity of agricultural products.

Q9: How does Bijak facilitate better pricing and transparency for agricultural commodities?
A9: Bijak provides a digital platform that connects traders and buyers, offering real-time pricing and transaction data. It uses a rating system to assess creditworthiness and reliability, ensuring fair and transparent transactions, which helps in achieving better pricing for agricultural commodities.

Q10: What is the impact of WayCool’s AI and ML integration on food distribution?
A10: WayCool’s integration of AI and ML optimizes the food distribution process by predicting demand, managing inventory, and ensuring efficient logistics. This reduces food waste, improves supply chain efficiency, and ensures that fresh produce reaches consumers in a timely manner.


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