Congress Falls Short of 100 Seats Yet Again: PM Modi’s Scathing Remarks

New Delhi witnessed a whirlwind of political fervor as Narendra Modi, poised to assume his third consecutive term as Prime Minister, launched a blistering attack on the Congress party for its inability to secure a substantial seat count in the recent elections. Amidst jubilant celebrations within the BJP camp, Modi’s scathing comments resonated across the political spectrum, underscoring the prevailing dynamics of Indian politics.

In his address, Modi extolled the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) as the epitome of success, crediting its coalition partners for propelling the BJP beyond the critical 272-seat threshold required for a majority. With the BJP clinching 240 seats independently, Modi hailed the NDA’s pivotal role in securing a resounding victory.

The Prime Minister-designate didn’t mince words as he lambasted the Congress for its lackluster performance, particularly emphasizing its failure to breach the 100-seat mark even after a decade of electoral endeavors. “Even after 10 years, Congress could not touch the figure of 100 seats,” Modi remarked, highlighting the stark disparity between the BJP’s electoral prowess and Congress’ recurrent setbacks.

Modi’s critique didn’t stop there; he underscored the BJP’s dominance by juxtaposing its electoral gains across successive polls with Congress’ dwindling fortunes. “If we combine the 2014, 2019, and 2024 elections… Congress did not even get as many seats as BJP got in this election,” he asserted, reaffirming the BJP’s ascendancy in the political arena.

Despite the Congress’ modest resurgence, securing 99 wins from the 328 seats contested, Modi’s barbs struck a chord, accentuating the party’s struggle to reclaim its erstwhile glory. Notably, the last time the Congress breached the triple-digit mark was in 2009, underscoring the formidable challenges confronting the party’s electoral prospects.

Modi’s remarks, however, might have been premature, as the Congress stands on the cusp of crossing the 100-seat threshold with the potential return of rebel MP Vishal Patil. In a strategic maneuver, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge hinted at Patil’s reintegration into the party fold, injecting a sense of anticipation into the political milieu.

Amidst the political brinkmanship, Modi seized the opportunity to advocate for governance by consensus and coalition politics, reaffirming the NDA’s commitment to upholding constitutional values. Acknowledging the indispensable role of allies, Modi underscored the NDA’s resilience in navigating the complexities of coalition governance, signaling a departure from the BJP’s erstwhile majority rule.


As the BJP charts its course for the future, Modi’s emphasis on trust and inclusivity resonates with the evolving contours of Indian polity. With the NDA poised to assume power, Modi’s rhetoric reflects a paradigm shift towards collaborative governance, emblematic of a maturing democracy.

As the nation awaits the dawn of a new era, Modi’s words reverberate as a clarion call for unity and consensus-building, transcending partisan divides in the pursuit of a brighter future for India.

INDIA Bloc Falls Short of Majority: BJP’s Path to Government Formation

In the wake of a fiercely contested election, the INDIA bloc finds itself grappling with the daunting task of cobbling together a coalition to secure a parliamentary majority. With 232 seats in its kitty, the bloc remains 40 seats shy of the coveted threshold, igniting speculation about potential alliances and power dynamics in the days to come.

Amidst swirling conjecture, attention has turned to Nitish Kumar, a pivotal figure who once spearheaded the INDIA bloc before realigning with the BJP. While sources close to the Bihar leader have dismissed the possibility of a reunion, the bloc’s reported overtures serve as a subtle reminder to the BJP of the intricate web of alliances and demands awaiting resolution.

Similarly, Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP has emerged as a significant player, leveraging its bargaining power to stake claims for cabinet appointments and key posts. Despite Naidu’s public endorsement of the NDA, his demands underscore the underlying tensions within the coalition, hinting at a protracted negotiation phase.

The BJP’s electoral aspirations, once lofty with ambitions of securing 370 seats independently and 400+ with allies, have encountered significant setbacks. Key states like Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra witnessed substantial losses for the BJP, dampening its prospects while bolstering the opposition’s resilience.

Nevertheless, the BJP remains poised to form the government, buoyed by the unwavering support of the TDP and JDU, who have pledged their allegiance to Narendra Modi. As preparations are underway for Modi’s historic third term inauguration, the BJP’s triumph underscores its ability to navigate the intricate contours of coalition politics.

In the coming days, all eyes will be on the unfolding drama of coalition-building and power-sharing, as the INDIA bloc grapples with the delicate task of securing a stable government. As alliances shift and negotiations unfold, the political landscape of India stands at a critical juncture, poised for transformation under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

In the aftermath of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi’s BJP secures government formation for a third consecutive term despite facing electoral setbacks. With strategic alliances with the TDP and JDU, the NDA surpasses the 272-seat majority mark. Modi launches a scathing attack on the Congress, highlighting their failure to breach the 100-seat mark. Despite challenges, the BJP’s coalition-building efforts and Modi’s resounding victory signal a new political era characterized by governance by consensus.


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